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Masks: Costlier

Shortage of masks is now affecting some countries and suppliers are working overtime to keep up with the demand. Masks provide the first level of defence against COVID-19 and the demand for them has shot up. China is the world’s largest producer of masks, with a reported daily capacity of 20 million pieces. However, the current demand has shot up to around 50-60 million pieces per day. With such high global demand, the prices of masks have risen in various parts of the world. In Noida (India), a basic surgical mask that is priced at Rs 10 each is being sold for Rs 40, while some N-95 masks, originally priced at Rs 150, are being sold at up to Rs 500. 

Coronavirus impact: What costs more, what's cheaper

It is now evident that COVID-19 is continuing to deeply impact global economy. One of the major reasons for that is that China has been forced to close down many manufacturing plants and factories sending the global supply chain into a tizzy over prices of certain products.

While a lot of consumer and personal hygiene products have become more expensive certain items have also become cheaper. Take a look at what’s costlier and what is cheaper due to COVID-19 impact: