Coronavirus: India suspends visa on arrival facility for South Korea, Japan nationals

Yash Shukla
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Coronavirus India Update: In a precautionary measure, the government has suspended the visa on arrival facility for the Japanese and South Korean nationals in view of the increasing spread of the deadly virus. In the wake of the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, the visa on arrival facility has been temporarily suspended for the nationals of Japan and South Korea, Bureau of immigration which comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs, said in a statement.

More than two thousand positive cases of Coronavirus have been reported in South Korea so far.

Earlier on February 2, the government had stopped the entry of people from China by suspending the e-visa facility for the Chinese nationals. The measure also included people from other countries who are residing in China. The visas of Chinese nationals which had already been issued were also cancelled by the government in view of the emanating threat from the outbreak.

The government has evacuated more than 700 Indian nationals coupled with some foreign nationals from the Hubei province of China where the virus is believed to have originated from. The government had sent two special Air India planes to evacuate more than 647 Indians from the Wuhan city on January 31 and February 2. The government had recently tasked an Indian Air Force special aircraft to evacuate 76 Indians and 36 foreign nationals from the Wuhan city.

Leaders from around the world have expressed apprehensions that the outbreak of the virus may affect many countries. President Donald Trump had on Wednesday said that the spread of the virus may worsen and affect people in the United States. French President Emmanual Macron has also given a statement highlighting the risks posed by the deadly virus. The virus has already taken the lives of more than 2700 people in the mainland China. More than a lakh people in the country are feared to have come in the grips of the deadly virus.