Coronavirus is going to kill jobs and livelihoods: which careers do you think will be most hit?

An empty flight: a glimpse of the future?

Lockdowns against the coronavirus around the world have spelt disaster for jobs and the global economy. Some of the worst hit sectors are the obvious ones that are related to travel and hospitality. There have already been lay-offs and in the aviation and tourism industry, the hotel and food industry, the fitness, sports and grooming industry just to name a few. Several other industries have announced steep salary cuts for employees and worse seems to be in store.

Since it appears that the battle against COVID-19 is going to be hard and long, it is likely that many careers and professions will come to a screeching halt — travel is likely to be prohibitively expensive, eating out may vanish as a popular practice and even local barbers may have to rethink the way they operate.

Which professions do you think would be the most affected?

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