Coronavirus lockdown: Shefali Shah advises people to stay at home with a unique video; Watch here

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Coronavirus in India: With India having been placed in a lockdown for 21 days amid the spread of coronavirus, various celebrities have come out to advise people to stay inside their homes. Opinion leaders all over the country have been trying to spread the message that to defeat coronavirus, self-isolation and quarantine are the most effective defense mechanism. The threat of coronavirus is looming all over the world, and India is teetering on the edge of falling into stage 3 of the coronavirus pandemic, which could lead the virus to spread out of control.

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However, despite experts recommending lockdown, a few netizens have been complaining about being kept under lockdown. Responding to the few people who are irked by the lockdown, actor Shefali Shah posted a video on Twitter.

Adding a safety warning and cautioning viewers to not try this at home, Shefali shared a video of her face wrapped in a sheet of plastic. She began her message by saying, "This is what it feels like to be in quarantine, I agree," and added that more importantly, this is exactly how our lungs would feel if they were infected with coronavirus-induced COVID-19. Further saying that we do not have any other option, Shefali said, "Deal with it," and asked viewers to stay at home for their own sake, for their families and friends.

She further explained that if anyone who goes outside catches the virus, it will spread like wildfire, which has already begun. She said that if her message is not a warning enough, she didn't know what would be, adding, "I can't breathe." She further stated that if the virus spreads, soon a lot of people, including our loved ones, might also have trouble breathing.

Coronavirus gripped India at the end of February and since then, the number of confirmed positive cases of coronavirus have spiked to more than 560.