Coronavirus Lockdown: VIPs in Chandigarh want these privileges exempted from curfew

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Coronavirus Update: Looks like VIPs still want privileges when the whole nation is under lockdown and has curfew at many places. In Chandigarh, many VIPs have been asking the officers in the Union Territory for a few exemptions. These exemptions include taking dogs out for a stroll, vendors that make juice, evening walks by the Sukhna lake and passes for barber and salon treatment at home, the Indian Express reported.

According to the report, these people are not able to understand the gravity of the situation. The report citing an officer said that there are some people who only have fresh fruit juice from a particular vendor while some want to continue their evening and morning walks near the lake. Manoj Parida who is UT advisor, said that things could not have been worse than people who want to get salon treatment at home and are asking for a pass for it. He emphasized that if people will stay at home, they will not only save their lives but also other lives as well, thus it is important to remain in houses for at least 21 days.

Parida also tweeted that even though the citizens are unhappy with the curfew, they will thank the government later for this kind of strictness. The report highlighted that VIPs have to realise that at times like these when Coronavirus is spreading with high speed, no one gets the access to privileges.

The curfew was imposed by the Chandigarh administration on March 24 midnight. The idea behind the curfew was to put the brake on the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Around 7 cases have been reported in the Union Territory. Only those belonging to the emergency department or anyone with extreme emergency has been exempted from the curfew. This, the report said, VIPs have taken otherwise.