Coronavirus: Mani Ratnam’s son sets an example, opts for self isolation after returning from London

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Coronavirus in India: Mani Ratnam’s son sets an example for others, opts to isolate himself! Director-Producer Mani Ratnam's son Nandan Ratnam has gone into self-isolation after returning from abroad, according to a report in Onmanorama. The report further states that Nandan lives in the same house as his parents, but has been keeping to his room in order to avoid the spread of the virus. In a video tweeted by actor Khushbu Sundar, actor Suhasini can be seen interacting with her son via a glass window while explaining that he returned from London on March 18.

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In the video, Nandan said that he has been in his room for the last five days and will continue to stay in isolation for the next 14 days. He further said that while self-isolation is boring, it is important for the safety of the people around them.

The gesture is much appreciated by people, after a controversy erupted when singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive for coronavirus, and it came to light that after returning from abroad, she did not self-isolate and also attended parties.

Among other major celebrities across the world, Tom Hanks and his wife actor and singer Rita Wilson also tested positive for the disease that has triggered a global health emergency. The actor recently said that although not great, he has been feeling better with every passing day.

Apart from them, Ukraine-born actor Olga Kurylenko, who starred opposite actor Daniel Craig in Bond movie Quantum of Solace, also tested positive for the virus, announcing the news on March 15.

Meanwhile, British actor, producer, musician and DJ Idris Elga also tested positive for the virus which has caused over 13,000 deaths globally.

Apart from that, Bon Jovi's keyboardist and songwriter David Bryan announced that he had tested positive for the virus, while appealing to people to not panic.

Meanwhile, several celebrities like Ellen DeGenerous, Jimmy Fallon and Arnold Schwarzeneggerhave been sharing videos of themselves while they self-isolate as a precautionary measure.