Coronavirus news: A day before Janta curfew, PM Modi advises people to stay put in their cities, towns

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One day before the country observes the Junta curfew, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned people against unnecessary travel in the wake of the Coronavirus. It is not only important to stay inside your homes but also remain in the town and city where you presently are, PM Modi wrote on his official Twitter handle. He further said that unnecessary travel will not help anybody. Allaying the panic and state of fear among people, PM Modi urged people not to get worried and panic about the situation and asked people to observe all necessary precautions to tackle the spread of the virus.

Acknowledging the contribution of workers involved in emergency services including health workers, PM Modi hailed them as heroes. FICCI, an industry and commerce body, had posted a tweet thanking the contribution of workers like private security guards, sanitation workers and people involved in pest and fumigation services in the fight against the Coronavirus. PM Modi retweeted the FICCI post and said the workers are heroes and their work will be remembered for the ages to come.

PM Modi also thanked professionals involved in the IT services for their contribution in ensuring that the delivery of vital services does not get hindered in the wake of lockdown like situation in the country. He wrote that the country is extremely proud of the services rendered by the IT sector in providing the seamless services. Terming the IT professionals as a community of innovators, PM said that the industry has a major role to play in the battle against the Coronavirus in the days to come.

PM Modi also urged people who have been asked to remain in quarantine to follow all the necessary instructions of the doctor and authorities. Instances of people running away from quarantine and isolation wards have been reported across the country creating panic among the citizens. PM Modi added that defying the instructions of authorities and doctors will neither help the individuals nor their families.

The country will observe the Junta curfew tomorrow from 7am to 9pm. The decision was announced by PM Modi in his nationwide address to the country on Thursday. PM Modi urged people to observe the curfew by staying in their homes and not venturing out. Cooperation of the state governments have also been asked for to ensure strict curfew across the state.