Coronavirus news: India sets up wellness centre for pilgrims stuck in Iran

Mayank Kumar

Proving claims that India has left its citizens in the times of vulnerability baseless, the Indian Embassy in Iran has set up a wellness centre in the city of Qom for the Indians pilgrims who were not brought back to India in the evacuation, reported the Indian Express. The development has come at a time after an Indian who tested positive for the Coronavirus has died in Iran. This death in Iran happens to be the first death of Indian citizens outside India.

Earlier on March 18, the central government had informed the Rajya Sabha that 255 out of the more than 1,500 pilgrims in Iran were infected with the Coronavirus. When India had launched the operation to evacuate the Indians stranded in Iran after the Coronavirus outbreak has taken place. On March 17, New Delhi had asked sanitorium from the Iranian administration to grant sanitorium for the pilgrims who were infected from Coronavirus in Iran.

India had evacuated the final batch of 53 Indians from the Islamic republic on March 16. The Narendra Modi-led government has evacuated a total of 389 citizens from the virus-hit country. The students and pilgrims were evacuated from Iran in four shifts of 58, 44, 230 and finally, the last shift of 52 students and one teacher had landed in New Delhi on March 16.

The Ministry of External Affairs had set up a lab in the Qom city of Iran to test Indians who were stranded in India. The swab samples of Indians were brought back to India. The pilgrims who had tested were evacuated from Iran and others were left in Iran to get their treatment.

India has been quite successful in the evacuation of its citizens from foreign soil where Coronavirus has created mayhem. Indian authorities successfully evacuated all of the Indian students from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak had taken place for the first time.