Coronavirus: No hand sanitizers? Even washing hands with soaps kills Covid-19 virus; here’s how

FE Online

Governments across the world are scrambling to offer any concrete plan to tackle the pandemic but all agree that personal hygiene and social distancing are some of the most reliable ways to prevent the deadly Coronavirus. In the absence of any vaccine to stem the growth of virus and nor any clue about the overrun of the virus, authorities find public awareness and warnings as the most effective way at their disposal to tackle the crisis.

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan took to micro-blogging platform Twitter to encourage people to wash their hands as frequently as they possibly can throughout the day. Showing a typical penchant of giving catchy slogans and acronyms, a characteristic found among all the higher ups in the Modi government, the minister said, "Wash hands many times a day, to keep Corona virus at bay."

The minister who is also a physician by profession went on to describe the science behind the efficacy of soap in killing the deadly germs. He explained virus as a self-assembled nanoparticle which has the weakest link in the form of a lipid bilayer which gets completely neutralised and dissolved when you wash your hands. He also shared a chart showcasing the whole process undertaken by the molecules of the soap while combating the deadly coronavirus.

Soon after the initial cases of the Coronavirus were reported in the country people started hoarding sanitisers and face masks leading to the shortfall of the supply in the country. Inflated prices of ordinary masks and sanitisers were reported in many areas of the country including in the national capital. The government has promised strict action against hoarding of essential products by black marketeers but to no avail. In the absence of sanitisers and face masks experts have said that the use of humble soap is equally effective in killing the virus. Experts have also warned against using the same face mask for a longer period as the mask may itself get infected with dirty hands and objects.