Coronavirus not ‘under control’ with pandemic ‘definitely heading in wrong direction’, warns chief scientific adviser

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Chief scientific officer Sir Patrick Vallance has warned the coronavirus pandemic is not “under control”, adding that “things are definitely heading in the wrong direction” in terms of case numbers and hospitalisations.

Asked at the Downing Street coronavirus press conference whether he had concerns that the government wasn’t moving quickly enough to combat the pandemic, Sir Patrick replied: “It’s very clear that’s rates are going up - we don’t have this under control at the moment.

“The increases that Chris [Whitty] has described in some areas are of concern and as I’ve said will lead to further problems.

He added: “The decisions that need to be made are clearly very difficult. None of them are risk-free. They all come with some cost, and that is human cost in some form or another. Science can provide advice on the situation, ministers need to make decisions on when and how to act.”