Coronavirus outbreak: New AI system in China to detect coronavirus developed! Details here

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Artificial Intelligence system for quick detection of coronavirus developed! Scientists at the University of Manchester and the University of Cambridge have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system, the first in the world, called Firetinas, which has made use of the fact that fever is the earliest symptom of the novel coronavirus, according to a report in Spark Health MD. With the help of the AI system, multiple individuals would be able to be tested for high body temperatures in a very short span of time, the report added.

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The coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly, but health officials across the world are yet to find a treatment. The scientists found Firetinas to be an effective way to put a stop to the outbreak globally by identifying those individuals who have an early-stage high body temperature, the report stated.

The high-performance system has been developed to analyse almost 3 trillion times in a second, with the capability of tracking nearly 100 individuals in 1,000 square feet of area. The Firetinas has also been integrated with an algorithm enabling face recognition, which helps in examining the factors affecting the measurement of face temperature of humans. According to the report, this makes the AI system more efficient as factors like cigarette smoking are taken into account while calculating face temperature.

Apart from that, the face recognition algorithm allows the system to recognise masks with 99 per cent accuracy, which will help in alerting those individuals who do not use masks, especially in areas highly influenced by the coronavirus.

Moreover, Firetinas can achieve a precision of nearly 0.1 degrees Celsius while being used for indoor environments.

The system can examine as many as 100 people every 0.05 seconds and make it simpler for authorities to track the contact crowd and isolate the people suspected to have been infected. Using the Firetinas, a person's temperature and face information can be uploaded to the server for the use of authorities.

The schools and hospitals in China are using this AI system to effectively battle the coronavirus outbreak and prevent its further spread.

The coronavirus fatalities across the world have crossed the 3,000 mark, with more than 90,000 people having been infected with the virus.