Coronavirus outbreak: India ‘well-equipped’ to tackle COVID-19, says Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

FE Online

Addressing the concerns on rising cases of Coronavirus, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan informed the Rajya Sabha that the central government has initiated an action plan to tackle the deadly virus since January 17, before the WHO issued any advice to India. He also cleared the air on the total number of Coronavirus cases and said that India has been dealing with 29 cases of Coronavirus infection until March 4. The Union Minister also said that the country is well-equipped to tackle the Corona outbreak. He further stated that a group of ministers is monitoring the Coronavirus cases in India. He said that the government is in direct contact with the WHO and taking all steps needed to curb the spread of the fatal virus.

The minister also revealed the concrete steps the government has taken to stop the virus from creating mayhem in the country. He stated that the government has established 39 more laboratories to test suspected individuals. The government has made the screening of diplomats entering into India compulsory to avoid spreading through carriers with travel history. The Union Minister said that the Narendra Modi government is negotiating with Iran to evacuate the Indians stranded in the Virus affected zones. The union minister reiterated the steps the government has taken such as the evacuation of the Indian nationals from Wuhan and other affected cities of China as well as setting up screening facilities at all entry zones such as ports and airports to India.

The Union Minister said that an Italian couple out of a tourist group who went on tour to Rajasthan has been tested positive for Coronavirus infection. The Union Health Minister also urged Indians to avoid traveling to Italy or Iran, the new epicenters of Coronavirus outbreak in the world.

The government has issued several guidelines to prevent the virus from becoming a widespread phenomenon throughout the country.