Coronavirus outbreak: Indrajit Sukumaran’s ‘Break the Chain’ video wins hearts, goes viral

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Coronavirus outbreak, break the chain

Coronavirus outbreak: ‘Break the chain!’ This sums up Malayalam actor Indrajit Sukumaran’s heartwarming video message on Facebook, which has won hearts and gone viral with fans and Keralites across the world. Given the fact that the coronavirus outbreak has been declared a global pandemic, the actor goes on to highlight why it is important for people to take this seriously and shed any casual attitude when it comes to maintaining social distancing and minimizing people to people contact.

The outbreak that began in Wuhan is now affecting the whole world through people to people contact, the actor highlighted. We need to make sure that our homes are maintaining the highest levels of hygiene throughout the day.

Sharing important basic hygiene practices to keep the COVID-19 away, Indrajit Sukumaran goes on to share the following tips through his viral video on how to protect oneself at a critical time like this:

1. Be alert about personal hygiene at all times.

2. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer that has alcohol in it. This is very important to fight the virus whenever you step out or take public transport or come back after meeting others.

3. Break the chain! Make sure that you take all steps to protect yourself, family members and loved ones through these measures that have been advised and recommended to fight COVID-19.

Indrajith Sukumaran also explained the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and protective measures to fight the COVID-19.

Through the Facebook video that went viral, the popular movie actor from Kerala reiterated the urgent need for social distancing and thereby, ‘break the chain.’

Earlier today, Shaan Rahman had slammed the fan show that took place at Kochi airport on Sunday night. Terming it the ‘highest level of stupidity’, the renowned music composer hit out strongly against this incident. In a Facebook post that went viral, he reiterated the need to avoid crowds and gatherings and went on to ask some tough questions such as "Are you sure whether the person next to you wasn’t affected with COVID-19 or Corona?"

Notably, there is considerable concern over how people are not taking enough precautions and thereby exposing themselves and others around them at risk.