Coronavirus outbreak: Keeping tiny tots safe! Singapore preschools step up health measures

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Singapore’s pre-schools are taking every possible measure to safeguard their tiny tots and staff! Following the outbreak of the new coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan city in China, pre-schools in Singapore have turned alert and stepped up measures to safeguard their tiny tots and staff from the fast spreading deadly virus, as per a report in Straits Times.

News reports from Singapore indicate that a spokesperson for Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development confirmed that advisories have been issued on January 22nd to all pre-schools and student care centres, with precautionary measures to ensure the well-being of their children and staff.

Also, at a press briefing held on Wednesday, Koh Peng Kengm, who heads Singapore’s Ministry of Health group director of operations, recommended that the general public can wear normal surgical masks and not use N95 masks.

Infants and young children in preschools tend to be more vulnerable to diseases and infections, which is why pre-school staff in Singapore have been urged to defer any kind of non-essential travel to Wuhan at this time.

The following directions have also been briefly issued:

1. Health checks thrice a day in all pre-schools

2. Support personal hygiene practices among children and pre-school staff

3. Staff to be highly alert for any symptoms of the Wuhan virus among children.

4. Daily temperature checks for pre-school staff, children and visitors.

5. Closer monitoring on a day to day basis

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Given that the Chinese New Year holidays are around the corner, there are widespread global concerns about the transmission rate of the new coronavirus as hundreds and thousands of Chinese travelers are already traveling back home or taking a vacation at this time.

Marking a significant challenge for all countries to tackle this fast spreading outbreak at a global level, Chinese authorities are stepping up to contain the outbreak in every way possible. Indeed, this has been appreciated by the WHO, which hailed the ‘very, very strong’ measures the country has taken to curb the spread of the Wuhan virus.