Coronavirus outbreak: This mask wearing cat is winning hearts with cuteness overload!

FE Online
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Millennials love memes, especially if they involve cute animals! These adorable, furry creatures never fail to catch our eyes – whether sleeping or running around playing. During trying times, it is these tiny beings that fill our hearts with awe. While the deadly novel coronavirus (nCoV) has caused havoc across the globe, the picture of a masked cat has been doing over social media. This cat, wearing a mask, is the cutest thing you will witness today.

Apart from just covering themselves up amidst the ongoing epidemic, pet owners are also making sure that their furkids have protective gear on to brave the outdoors during the coronavirus outbreak. A particular cat became an internet star overnight as pictures of the masked creature started circulating on various social media platforms. The furry creature was spotted and clicked on the streets of Guangdong in China while it was peeking through its mask.

Though the World Health Organisation (WHO) has clearly stated that currently, there are no shreds of evidence of the deadly coronavirus being spread to cats and dogs, pet owners would still not take a chance. Pet owners in China reportedly scrambled to get their hands on pet face masks recently. As the fear of coronavirus continues to spread not only in China but across other countries as well, rumours and fake news have also come to the forefront.

Some pets recently landed in trouble after rumours were spread that animals were exacerbating the spread of the virus. Many pet owners in China abandoned their cats and dogs, following the spread of the rumour. In worse cases, some owners even threw these furry creatures out of their apartment windows leading to the death of the poor animals.

A professor from the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore on Monday reportedly said that even though pets were susceptible to coronavirus, it does not imply that they would transmit the virus to their owners. However, the best way to protect oneself during the coronavirus outbreak is to maintain good personal hygiene by washing hands frequently.