Coronavirus Outbreak: All That You Should Not be Worried About During the National Lockdown

The national lockdown imposed to contain the coronavirus pandemic has not only restricted the movement of people but also given rise to a lot of queries. Most people are still not aware as to what things they can do without being worried about either contracting the virus or flouting government rules related to the national curfew.

Here are the things you can do without being concerned about either:

Is it safe to read newspapers?

Wash your hands before and after. There has been no case of infection through newspapers so far.

Is it safe to drink alcohol?

Yes, but be aware that alcohol suppresses immunity. However, there has been no direct link between Covid-19 and alcohol.

Is it safe to use cash?

Yes, wash your hands before and after. Try and utilise digital payment options as much as possible.

Is wearing a mask a must if I go out?

Yes, if you have symptoms. However, healthy people do not compulsorily need a mask if they maintain social distance.

Is it safe to order food from outside?

Yes, sanitise the container or switch to your own.

How do I check the authenticity of a WhatsApp forward to counter misinformation?

Forward WhatsApp message to the Press Information Bureau (PIB) fact-check helpline at 879-9711-259.

What if I have Covid-19 symptoms while in lockdown?

Call the helpline immediately, you need to be tested and isolated if positive.

Can I go to a hospital?

Yes, hospitals and medical stores will remain open.

What if I need medicines?

Chemist shops and pharmacies will be open.

Can I order items for delivery?

Yes, e-commerce of all essential goods, including food, pharmaceuticals and medical equipments, groceries, milk plants, general provision stores, take away/home delivery in restaurants, will remain open.

Can journalists go out to report?

Yes, print and electronic media journalists can.

Will I able to withdraw money?

Yes, cashier/teller operations of banks (including ATMs) will be open. However, individuals need a self-declaration form to venture out.

Will internet and couriers be suspended?

No, telecom, internet and postal services will continue to operate.

What if I am currently staying in a hotel?

Hotels, homestays, lodges and motels that are accommodating tourists and persons stranded due to lockdown, medical and emergency staff, air and sea crew will continue to operate as normal.

Will my maid or driver be able to come?

Yes. ,However it is advisable to stick to essential services. They may be questioned at check.

Will I be able to buy petrol?

Yes, petrol pumps, LPG/oil agencies will continue to operate.

Can I take my pet out for a walk?

Yes, but be inside your housing society and maintain social distancing.