Coronavirus outbreak: Research shows why children have better chances of fighting the virus

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As the fatal outbreak of Coronavirus has led many (especially people of Wuhan) succumb to it, it is revealed that children have better chances of fighting the virus and come out of it with minimum damage. According to a report by LiveScience, the number of children is quite less who have been diagnosed with Coronavirus as compared to the adults. The report also said that the symptoms of children are different and can actually be called to have "viral pneumonia." However, it is unclear why kids have been escaping the worst effects of Coronavirus, the report added stating the differences in immune systems. It was suggested that since children have a robust immune system, their symptoms would not occur as it would in an adult.

Comparing this viral disease, the report pointed out that more adults die from seasonal flu and chickenpox, among other diseases when compared to children. Coming back to Coronavirus, just like common flu, kids recover easily from any infection than adults due to the innate immune system (which could explain the resilience). With a strong immune system, the early response to any pathogen is more active among kids. Also, children have a healthier respiratory system are their lungs are exposed to a lot of air pollution and cigarette smoke.

Another reason, the report pointed is that kids are in general more healthy as they are least likely to have any chronic disease. Meanwhile, in both the severe outbreaks, SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012, adults having chronic health conditions were more susceptible to catching these diseases and had a higher risk of fatality. The chronic health conditions could include obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or any other autoimmune disorder.

Meanwhile, Coronavirus has taken the lives of over 1000 people in China and thousands of people who are at risk of getting the novel Coronavirus and spreading it at being quarantined across countries.