Coronavirus outbreak: Seattle’s COVID-19 positive cases spike to 64% in one day; check how it can grow

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Coronavirus outbreak: Seattle is grabbing headlines after COVID-19 positive cases grew to 64% in just one day! The novel Coronavirus, which has spread widely across countries, have infected another 74 people in Washington's King County, Oregon Live reported. According to the report, with the new cases detected, the total count of King County has gone up to 190 positive cases. Not only this, but two news deaths are also reported in the county leading to 22 deaths in total. The report said that 78 other cases have also been brought under the light in seven other counties within the state. As a result, the new cases witnessed an increase of 64 per cent in just one day.

The report said that the health officials believe that responsible testing in the area has led to a sudden rise in positive tests. It added that both healthcare nurses, as well as the family of any affected person, come under the radar for possible COVID-19 viral infection. According to the report, the biggest surge outside Seattle in Washington is in the cases from Pierce County. In this county- home to Tacoma, positive cases have been doubled in a day from 7 cases to 16 cases. The affected individuals also include a child who is under the age of 10 years.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Washington Jay Inslee has raised concerns over the increasing number of positive COVID-19 patients. According to Inslee, the numbers could rise "dramatically" to 64,000 cases within two months if there are no major actions taken by the state. The number could even rise up to 250,000 positive cases, he added. Inslee said that these numbers were taken up from the calculations of doctors affiliated with the World Health Organization, and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr Anthony S. Fauci along with local health experts.

With such an increase in Coronavirus patients, the state has now brought some new regulations, especially for nursing homes in order to curb the outspread. These new regulations state that any resident will only be allowed visitation of one adult in a day who can spend the time that too in the resident's room only. Moreover, employees are also being checked for any Coronavirus symptoms when their shift begins.

Across the United States, Coronavirus has impacted more than 1,000 people, said a report by The New York Times. Britain' Health Minister Nadine Dorries, on the other hand, has contracted the novel Coronavirus as well. While the positive cases reported in European and South Asian countries have been in thousands, Sri Lanka witnessed its first COVID-19 positive case today.