Coronavirus outbreak tracked to Wuhan shrimp seller! Identity of COVID-19’s ‘patient zero’ revealed; check details

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Coronavirus Pandemic: A shrimp seller in China's Wuhan has been identified as ‘patient zero’ – one of the first patients of coronavirus-induced COVID-19, according to reports. The 57-year-old woman made a complete recovery from the infection in January after undergoing a treatment lasting one month and she believes that pandemic could have been avoided had the Chinese government acted sooner. Identified as Wei Guixian by the WSJ, the woman was selling shrimps at the Huanan Seafood Market, which was the origin of the outbreak, on December 10 when she came down with a cold.

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Thinking that she was suffering from common cold, she went to a local clinic, according to the Mirror UK, and got an injection administered. When she continued to feel unwell a day later, she went to the Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan. Upon continued lethargy, she decided to visit the biggest healthcare establishment in the area – the Wuhan Union Hospital – on December 16.

There she was informed that the ailment she was suffering from was "ruthless" and that several others from the Huanan market had visited them with similar symptoms.

When the doctors related the emergence of the coronavirus to the Huanan market, Wei was among the many people who were quarantined, according to Chinese outlet The Paper.

The report in The Paper concluded that COVID-19 was likely to become the fifth coronavirus endemic in humans, further stating that coronaviruses could cross species and adapt to new hosts. This would allow us to predict coronaviruses in the future more directly, the report added.

Meanwhile, Wei believes that she caught the disease from the toilet that she shared with the meat sellers in the market, which has been closed since the outbreak. She added that a lot of vendors who carried out their business in her proximity also caught the disease.

A report of the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission confirmed that Wei was one of the first 27 people who tested positive for the disease and was among the first 24 cases related to the market directly.

Even though she might have been among the first people to have tested positive, she might not have been the first patient. According to a Lancet study, the first patient to contract the disease was identified on December 1, last year.