Coronavirus Pandemic: India’s largest COVID-19 hospital to be set up in Odisha

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Coronavirus News: The country's largest COVID-19 hospital to be set up in Odisha! As the number of cases reaches above 650, Odisha' state government has taken a step forward in setting up India's largest COVID-19 hospital, ANI reported. According to the report, the hospital will be treating patients tested positive for the novel Coronavirus exclusively. It also said that the hospital will have 1,000 beds and will be completely functional in the next 15 days.

The tweet also said that a tripartite agreement has been signed between the state government of Odisha, medical colleges as well as corporates that will help put all the 1,000 beds required to treat COVID-19 infected patients.

Meanwhile, Odisha has asked more than 82,000 people to keep themselves in self-quarantine, PTI reported. Many people in the state have either come from outside India or from other states within the country. The chief spokesperson of the state government Subroto Bagchi has said that 78,233 people returned from other states and 4,015 people have come back to India from foreign countries. As other states are also affected by the novel Coronavirus, the Odisha government asked people to stay at homes only. The positive cases in the state are currently two.

In India, more than 650 people have come under the radar of Coronavirus infection. According to the data provided by the government's COVID-19 portal, there are 593 active cases in India and 43 are those who are cured, discharged or migrated cases. Apart from this, 13 people have succumbed to the deadly Coronavirus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked for a nationwide lockdown for 21 days in order to curb the impact and outbreak of the Coronavirus. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, after Modi's statement, has also finalised an economic stimulus of Rs 1.7 lakh crore for relieving the distressed sectors of the country amidst the Coronavirus lockdown.