Coronavirus pandemic: Man arrested in Munich for licking subway ticket machine

FE Online

Coronavirus pandemic: Staying safe and behaving responsibly is every citizen’s first priority! A startling development took place in Munich today after German police arrested a 33 year old man for licking the subway ticket machine! Not just this, he claimed that he was trying to spread the deadly coronavirus to others, according to a report in Süddeutsche-Zeitung. He claimed in a video that he shared online about wanting to spread the coronavirus, AFP is quoted as citing the Munich police.

Following this incident, the man was taken in police custody, charged with grievous bodily harm and a police spokesperson has said that it is not known at this point of time whether the Munich man is infected with COVID-19. However, she indicated that he has undergone a test.

At a time when restrictions are being imposed in Germany, the authorities are alert to crack down and ensure that all measures are put in place to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

However, restrictions on public movement is of no use unless people step up and conduct themselves as responsible citizens who are concerned about the well being of others as well.

Germany’s well-known Ifo think tank released a report on Monday that indicates a partial economic shutdown could cost the nation anywhere between 7.35 per cent and 20.6 percent of its GDP if the shutdowns range from one to three months, according to a DW report. The country’s Finance Minister has already told journalists in Berlin that the economic impact is bound to be negative and there is no need to speculate.

Worldwide, more and more people are reckless about adhering to the restrictions with regard to COVID-19 and not taking it as seriously as they should. Despite several and repeated instructions by governments worldwide and WHO’s constant reminders, people are not as serious as they should be about adhering to the safety norms.