Pilot uses flight path to trace outline of syringe over Germany to mark start of COVID vaccination campaign

Ellen Manning
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A pilot drew a syringe on his flight path to mark
Pilot Samy Kramer used his flight path over Germany to draw a syringe. (Reuters/flightradar24)

A German pilot used his flight path to trace the outline of a giant syringe to mark the start of the coronavirus vaccination campaign in Europe.

Samy Kramer, 20, flew the route to mark the day countries in the EU started vaccinating vulnerable people against COVID-19.

The young pilot mapped out the route he would need to take, before flying it near Lake Constance in southern Germany.

His syringe-shaped route was clear to see on flight path tracking website flightradar24.

It also comes as the boss of the firm behind the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine told the Sunday Times he believed researchers had found the “winning formula” for a coronavirus vaccine using two doses.

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Kramer told Reuters TV that his stunt was a reminder for people to think about vaccination, but not necessarily as a call for people to have the jab.

He said: “There are still relatively many people opposing the vaccination and my action may be a reminder for them to think about the topic, to get things moving.

“Perhaps it was also a bit of a sign of joy, because the aviation industry has been hit pretty hard by the pandemic.”

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The stunt came as Germany officially started its coronavirus vaccination campaign on Sunday, with the federal government planning to distribute more than 1.3 million vaccine doses to local health authorities by the end of the year.

As AstraZeneca chief Pascal Soriot told the Sunday Times he believed researchers had found the “winning formula” for the COVID vaccine, Chancellor Rishi Sunak also praised vaccination efforts so far.

He told the Mail on Sunday: “There will be tough days and months ahead, but there are reasons to look ahead to a brighter future and what 2021 promises.

“The early roll-out of vaccines – and the incredible work of our scientists and NHS – means we can now see light at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic.”

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