Coronavirus: PM Narendra Modi asks people to take lockdown seriously

Mayank Kumar

Coronavirus Lockdown: Taking cognisance of the unruly behaviour by some during the period in Janata Curfew when they were asked to applaud the servicemen but without dishonouring social distancing norms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that people are still not taking the lockdown seriously just yet. The PM has tweeted to urged his countrymen to uphold the instructions laid out by the government in a coordinated effort to protect themselves and their families. PM Modi has called on the state governments to ensure that people across the country strictly adhere to the social distancing norms laid out by the government in his tweet on Monday following the Janata Curfew day.

Reportedly, people had broken on to the streets at around 5 PM on March 22, the time of the day when all were advised to applaud all the men and women who are serving the people without worrying about themselves in the state of a health emergency. The purpose of PM's call for the Janata Curfew, which he had defined as imposing restriction by the people for the people was to break the chain of social interaction. Critiques of PM Narendra Modi had said the move is not enough to fight COVID-19.

PM Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on had said that the Coronavirus crisis has dealt blows to more countries across the world than some of the world's biggest catastrophes such as World War 1 and World War 2 had ever done. PM Modi had also advised refraining people from burdening the already-crowded hospitals for the issues which might be of a less damaging effect than the Covid-19 and had suggested consulting personal doctors.

The Number of cases of Coronavirus has increased at a rapid rate in the country. India not very long ago was one of the least affected countries by the Coronavirus but the story seems to be changing now.

As of today, there are as many as 390 reported case in the country while the Coronavirus, which otherwise has a very low fatality rate has killed 8 people in India. The number of Coronvairus globally stands tall at a staggering 3,40.408 while the global death toll stands at a gruesome tally of 14,573.