Coronavirus reason: Is Pangolin responsible for coronavirus spread? Here’s what researchers suspect

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Researchers have claimed that Pangolin might be the reason behind the spread of Coronavirus in China. The Coronavirus outbreak has not only led to a loss of over 700 lives in China alone, but also affected people in several other countries as well.

In their research, scientists found that the genome sequence separated from the mammals were very identical to those infected by the virus. It is believed that Pangolins are one of the most trafficked mammals across the globe. A large number of them are poached because of their medicinal value as well as for meat consumption in nations like China, Vietnam and some others.

As per a study by South China Agricultural University, the genome sequence of the coronavirus strain that was separated from pangolins was closely identical to that of those who were found affected by the deadly virus, suggesting these mammals could be the reasons behind the spread of the virus.

As per reports today, an American woman and a Japanese man also lost their lives because of the deadly virus in China as the death toll rose to 723 in the country, with 34,598 people also affected by it.

As per the US embassy in China, the American citizen lost his life in Wuhan. "We can confirm that a 60-year-old US citizen diagnosed with coronavirus died at Jinyintang hospital in Wuhan, China on February 6," a US embassy spokesman was quoted as saying by PTI.

A report by the New York Times pointed out that the deceased was a woman. Earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that as many as 19 foreign nationals have been confirmed to be suffering from the virus and getting treatment.