Coronavirus Scare: Chinese woman ties knot in India in the absence of her family

FE Online

After curtailing the presence of Chinese executives from various business engagements, the scare of Coronavirus is now wreaking havoc on the domestic lives of people. Chinese national B Jiaqi tied the knot with an Indian national Pintu Jana without the presence of her family members in West Bengal’s East Midnapore district. Family members of Jiaqi who were supposed to reach India to attend the wedding could not make it to the ceremony due to the suspension of flights between the two countries, ANI reported. The seven-year-old relationship of the couple culminated in their marriage on Wednesday. Jiaqi and Pintu had met in China seven years ago in a business meet and had decided to get married soon.

After concluding the rituals of the marriage, Jiaqi said that her family members were doing well in China and she would visit her family once everything gets normal in the country. Terming their marriage a union of the Bengali and Chinese culture, Pintu said that he would soon visit his in-laws in China and make up for their absence by throwing up another party in China.

After getting detected for the first time in December in China, the virus has now spread to most parts of the world. More than 560 people have lost their lives in China and thousands more are feared to have come in the grip of the deadly virus. Most countries have suspended flight services from China. South-East nations including Thailand, Singapore are also facing the brunt of the virus with their tourist economies experiencing a shrink in the number of tourists. The virus is believed to have germinated in the Chinese Hubei province. The Indian government had recently evacuated over 600 Indians from the Hubei province in order to ensure their safety. Three positive cases of the virus have also been diagnosed in the state of Kerala in India.