Coronavirus scare: Travel banned, gathering restricted. No community transmission found so far — Top Developments

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Coronavirus outbreak: The central government on Thursday announced a slew of measures to prevent the spread of contagious coronavirus that has virtually brought the whole world to a halt. So far, the number of confirmed cases in the country has risen to 169. A group of ministers today reviewed the status of cases in the country and the steps taken by the government. Following the review, the group announced a number of decisions to fight the coronavirus. Not only Centre, the states too have announced a number of directions such as closure of public places, ban on travel and restrictions on public gathering.

Top Developments

The Centre has announced that no scheduled international commercial passenger aircraft will take off from any foreign airport for any airport in India from March 22-29. A maximum travel time of 20 hours is permissible for such commercial passenger aircraft to land in India. No incoming scheduled international commercial passenger aircraft will be allowed to disembark its passengers on Indian soil (Foreigner or Indian) after March 22.

The government has said that all educational institutions, theatres, museums, gyms, exam centers will be closed temporarily.

The Centre has asked the states to take necessary actions to ensure that all sporting events, competitions and religious gatherings shall be postponed and it shall be ensured that required social distanced is maintained even in smaller gatherings.

The Centre has also directed metros, railways, buses and airplanes to consider decrease in frequency of their services, alternate seating to ensure social distancing.

All citizens above 65 except for public representatives/government servants/medical professionals will be advised by state governments to remain at home.

All children below 10 years of age have been advised to remain at home and avoid going to public parks, picnics and other games requiring large number of participants.

The Railways and civil aviation has suspended all concessional travel except for students, patients and divyang category.

A complete ban has been imposed on foreign travels, including those for private visits till further orders.

Meghalaya has closed down all tourist places in the state till March 31.

ICMR DG today said a total of 1,000 samples were collected but all came out negative. There is no evidence of community transmission as per these results.

The Himachal Pradesh government has banned the entry of both domestic and foreign tourists in the state till further orders

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced that 20 or more people will not be allowed to gather at any place for social, cultural, religious, academics, seminars, conferences purposes in the state. Earlier, 50 or more people were not allowed to gather.

The Delhi government has also directed all schools, colleges and universities in the national capital to be shut down completely both for students and staff until March 31.