Coronavirus study: Scientists suggest kids are most vulnerable against Covid-19 pandemic

FE Online

Researchers have suggested that studying the pattern of effects Coronavirus brings for the kids holds the key for a proper understanding of the Covid-19 pandemic, news agency PTI has reported. The group of researchers that included Steven L. Zeichner from the US' University of Virginia Health System have suggested that a very small percentage of kids who get infected with the Coronavirus fall seriously ill. However, the researchers have warned that babies and preschoolers have a higher chance of catching Coronavirus infection, if not isolated properly.

The findings were published in a commentary authored by the scientists in the journal Pediatrics. The commentary published has further suggested that Covid-19, like all other infectious disease discovered in the past, infects people of different age groups in a different manner and studying the pattern of differences may pave way for accurate modelling of the Covid-19 pandemic, limiting its spread, as well as in ensuring the fulfilment of the needs of youngest patients. The scientists have said in their commentary that children who have an underlying lung disease or are immunocompromised are exposed greatly against the Coronavirus outbreak across the world.

They have said that in the present scenario, the symptoms of Covid-19 and other viral diseases are co-existing in two-thirds of cases that have been reported in schools and hence it makes it really tough for doctors to differentiate between the Coronavirus from other diseases at an early stage. The researchers have warned that children, even when they are not presenting clinical features of the Coronavirus, pose a great challenge in efforts against community transmission of the Covid-19.

The commentary published in the journal Pediatrics has suggested that the absence of distinctive clinical features along with the routes of transmission such as nasal secretion could pose a challenge for schools, daycare centres and kids' families. Subsequently, the researchers have warned against dishonouring social distancing guidelines in the absence or presence of mild symptoms of Covid-19.