Coronavirus: How Team GB athletes including Tom Daley and Katarina Johnson-Thompson are keeping fit as Olympics postponed

Sabrina Barr
Instagram (Tom Daley/Katarina Johnson-Thompson)

From Glastonbury Festival to Wimbledon, several significant events have had to be cancelled or postponed this year amid the unprecedented outbreak of the coronavirus.

One of the biggest events to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic is the Tokyo Olympics, which was due to to take place from 24 July to 9 August this summer.

The Tokyo Paralympics has also been postponed, having originally been scheduled for 25 August to 6 September.

Following the news that both events have been rescheduled for 2021, several Team GB athletes have been sharing how they are keeping fit while at home in self-isolation.

From Katarina Johnson-Thompson to Tom Daley, here’s how several of Team GB’s biggest stars are maintaining their fitness and motivation levels:

Katarina Johnson-Thompson

The heptathlete shared a video on Instagram of herself using a resistance band at home, having the band placed just above her ankles as she took small, controlled steps from side to side.

Johnson-Thompson wore a matching speckled Nike leggings and sports bra combo for her workout, which saw her pet Dachshund play with a tennis ball at her feet.

“Now, more than ever, we are one team,” the 27-year-old wrote in the caption.

Tom Daley

While Daley is unable to practise his diving at the swimming pool, he has been refining his technique from his living room.

“Out of the pool, but still working the movement patterns!” the 25-year-old wrote on Instagram, alongside photographs of himself demonstrating various movements on an exercise mat.

The Olympian also recently shared a six-minute ab workout on the social media platform, which involves ab crunches, toe touches and mountain climbers.

Max Whitlock

The gymnast was recently joined for an at-home workout by his one-year-old daughter, Willow, who watched as he performed moves such as crouch walking, a plank and in and out jumps.

While Whitlock was doing back support shoulder touches, the toddler became fascinated with his phone, going to pick it up as her father continued exercising.

“And a big thank you to Willow for helping me with these workouts,” the athlete said in the video as his daughter sat with him on the floor. “She’s been a superstar in it all.”

Jade Jones

Known for her skills on the taekwondo mat, Olympic gold medallist Jade Jones revealed on Instagram she had turned her garage at home into a workout space

“We keep pushing,” 27-year-old wrote in the caption.

“We may not know when the Olympics will be on but we know we WILL do everything we can to be READY... Transformed our messy garage into a training dungeon.”

Jones ended her caption with the hashtags “#TRAINATHOME” and “#IWILL”.

Adam Peaty

Team GB swimmer Peaty demonstrated a mean workout on social media, sharing a video of himself doing push ups with one of his feet resting on a half Swiss ball and a weight placed on his back.

“Jarhead,” he called himself in the caption, in reference to his newly shaved head.

“One foot at a time on a half Swiss ball with hands on the bars/ add weight by putting a weighted vest on or weight on your back,” he suggested.

Joe Clarke

The slalom canoeist appeared to be having a jolly time working out at home, joined by his dog, who stood on top of a couple of weights on his back.

“Average Joe’s garden gym and the daily special guest Louis,” the Olympic champion wrote on Instagram, referencing his canine companion.

In the picture, Clarke is planking on a Nike exercise mat, with several weights and a can of Red Bull on the ground beside him.

Tonia Couch

The retired Olympian proved that her talents do not solely lie on the diving board, sharing a video of herself doing a boxing workout in her garden.

In the Instagram video, Couch punches a mitt too hard, resulting in her doubling over as she holds her hand and laughs.

“Nearly broke my wrist,” she jokes in the video.

Justin Rose

The professional golfer shared a photograph on Instagram of himself basking in the sunshine while exercising at home.

In the picture, Rose is performing a squat while holding two kettlebells in his hands.

“Dad, can you please stop that annoying noise every time you stand up?!” he wrote in the caption, quoting his son Leo.