As It Happened: 114 New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed, Says Health Ministry; Calls For Shutdown Of All Schools, Malls

Rohini Chatterji

Maharashtra on Monday reported 4 new cases of the novel coronavirus Covid-19, taking the number of patients in the state to 37. Maharashtra has the highest number of patients so far. 

Odisha also confirmed the first positive patient in the state. 

However the health ministry said India has 114 patients who tested positive for coronavirus.

State governments across the country continued to take measures to fight the disease that has claimed over 6,500 lives across the world, two of them in India. 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Monday that night clubs, gyms and spas will be shut in Delhi till 31 March. Meghalaya shut its schools and colleges till the end of the month, while Karnataka set up “war rooms” in its state-run medical college and hospitals. 

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Here are today’s updates:

6:50 pm: Social Distancing Just One Of The Measures, Says Health Ministry

“We suggested social distancing is one of the approach, it is not that just social distancing will help,” Lav Aggarwal said to a question on how a country of over a billion people who will maintain 1 metre of social distance. 

Aggarwal said there were other measures in place to ensure the virus doesn’t spread, without detailing on what these measures were. 

6:47 pm: In Touch With States Over Condition Of Quarantine Facilities, Says Health Ministry

When asked about people tweeting about bad conditions in quarantine facilities, Lav Aggarwal, joint secretary of the health ministry said that they were in touch with states to maintain conditions in such facilities. published an article pointing out how people tweeted with photos and videos of how the quarantine facilities were in shambles. 

6:42 pm 114 Tested Positive So Far, Taken Important Measures To Shut Schools, Malls, Pools, Says Health Ministry

In a press conference on the outbreak of the...

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