Coronavirus updates: Govt launches WhatsApp helpline to spread awareness on Covid-19

FE Online

In a bid to curb the misinformation spreading surrounding the Coronavirus and make people more aware of the developments and prevention from the Covid-19, the central government has introduced a WhatsApp helpdesk. A government-owned platform for citizen engagement mygov(dot)in has notified a WhatsApp number to prepare the citizens for a long battle against the Coronavirus. The WhatsApp number issued in the public interest by mygov is +91 9013151515.

Citizens have to just add the number into their contact list and send a customary 'Hi' to get a response from the helpline portal. The helpline desk responds first by providing a helpline number -011-23978046 as well a toll-free number- 1075 and email- to contact in case of emergency or to clear their doubts about the Covid-19 pandemic.

An instant follow-up message gives users the option of selecting the question from a pool of questions that are some of the common questions arising in anyone's mind amid the ongoing crisis of Coronavirus. The questions are stacked up with options in alphabetical order. Users can select any of the option to get the response for the question they have in their mind.

The number of Coronavirus is piling up in India and it is in touching distance from a worrisome figure of 200. The number of Covid-19 cases has jumped to 195 including 4 deaths across the country. Union and state governments have stepped up preventive measures to combat the menace of Coronavirus by introducing measures such as banning public functions or closing places that attract large crowds.

PM Narendra Modi has urged the nation to follow the guidelines issued by health officials and refrain from stepping out homes until the situation improves. He has asked his countrymen to put themselves under a self-imposed curfew- Janata Curfew to bring about complete isolation in our society that will serve as a key measure in the battle against the Coronavirus.