Coronavirus: Working from home? Why it is vital to work diligently and how you can manage it

FE Online

The onslaught of the Coronavirus has forced employers and companies to ask their employees to work from home. This is perhaps the first time that a large section of employees are experiencing how it feels to work from home. Apart from the infrastructural problems and inability to work on some areas of your work, work from home demands immense self-discipline on the part of employees which comes with practice and a determination to work honestly.

First comes the presence of your family members for whom it is difficult to understand that you are at work. From seeking help in the household works to eating lunch and breakfast together, family members have the potential to bring a lot of disruption to your work. Harsh as it may seem, you should inculcate the habit of saying no and letting your dear ones understand that work is your first priority. Shutting yourself up in a separate room for your office hours is another practical way of working productively, especially when you have kids at your home.

However, in comparison to the external factors, the temptation to take things easy and enjoy the comforts of your home is a bigger evil. Checking your insta feed for a while or sipping your hot tea at leisure are some of the things that may eat up a big chunk of your office hours. Taking advantage of your seniors’ inability to keep track of your performance is another big temptation that needs to be curbed. Under-estimating the swift flow of time and living in a make-belief that you would be able to compensate by working super efficiently is another bait that may affect your performance.

Some practical tips may come handy in such times which will keep you on track. You can put your mobile phone away unless it is to be used for taking important calls or messages. Refraining from opening social media sites even for a very small amount of time might also help. Conversations with your office colleagues via email or messages might also keep your morale up by realising that everybody including you are working hard for your organisation. At the end of the day it boils down to having self-discipline and honesty in your outlook. In times like these, when profits of your company are dwindling, it is not only your moral responsibility to work diligently but also vital to prove your worth lest the axe of cost-cutting measures goes for your head.