The Correct Order Of Applying Hair Products

Monika Khajuria
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So, you have mastered your skincare routine. Then you must know how important the order of application of skincare products is. By that we mean that there is a specific order to apply the skincare products for them to work the best. But, did you know that it holds true for your hair care products as well. Yep, that's right!

To get the intended impact of the hair care products, you need to apply them in a certain order. Hair products applied in a particular order optimizes their efficiency and helps to strengthen and beautify your hair. So, today at Boldsky, we are sharing with you the correct order of applying hair products. Take notes, ladies!

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1. Hair Oil

A good hair care routine starts way before you wash your hair. It starts with a good old hair oil massage. A hair oil massage helps to strengthen the roots and improve blood circulation in the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Make a hair wash schedule and give yourself a hair oil massage an hour or two before you wash your hair. You can use coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil for your massage. Or you can mix a few oils with a dash of an essential oil of you choice to make it more effective. Warm up the concoction and massage it well into your scalp. Let it do its work for a couple of hours before washing it off.

2. Shampoo And Conditioner

Now we start with our cleansing routine. Like your skincare routine, you start your hair care routine with cleansing the hair. In simple terms, we start by washing the hair with our preferred shampoo.

Take a shampoo that suits your hair type and massage it into your scalp to get rid of all the dirt and grime accumulated in your scalp. Follow it up with a nourishing conditioner. While applying the conditioner, make sure that you do not apply the conditioner on the scalp. Apply the conditioner from the middle of your hair til the ends.

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3. Deep Conditioning Mask

For hair that are extremely dry, deep conditioning masks work like a charm. These hair masks contain a boost of hydration that tames the frizz of your hair and makes it smooth and stunning. Deep conditioning masks can be applied 2-3 times in a week and work best on damp hair. So, after you have rinsed your hair, apply a generous amount of the deep conditioning mask on your hair. Follow the instructions on the mask to know how long you need to leave it on before rinsing it off thoroughly.

4. Leave-In Conditioner

Once again, this is a step for the dry hair peeps out there. For the days you are not using deep conditioning masks, leave-in treatments are the best. A leave in conditioner is applied to the freshly washed, still-wet hair. After you come out of the shower, squeeze out the excess water from your hair, apply the leave-in conditioner and forget it!

5. Hair Serum

Next step is hair serum. Hair serums is a smoothing product that locks the moisture in your strands, making them shiny and smooth. While it can be applied to damp or dry hair, it is best to apply the hair serum to almost-dry hair for the extra boost of hydration. Once again, do not apply the serum to your scalp. Take the required amount of serum, rub it between your palms and apply it at the ends of your hair. Serum is also a great product to tackle frizzy hair.

6. Heat Protectant Spray

Next up is the heat protectant spray. If you are someone who uses heat-styling products regularly, hair protectant spray is a must. It forms a protective layer on your hair and cushions the damage to your tresses. So, after your serum, apply a nice layer of this spray on your tresses.

7. Hair Spray

Lastly, we have the trusted hair spray. If you have naturally silky hair, you know the how much of a life-saviour can a hair spray be. It adds a grip to your hair and keeps your hair in place. After you have styled you hair, spritz it generously with a hair spray to hold your hair in place the entire day.

And with that you hair care routine is completed. While it isn't as complicated as your skincare routine, it certainly helps to improve the health and appearance of your hair. So, make a mental note of this routine and follow it religiously!

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