Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 11th February to 17th February 2018


Western Tropical Planetary Positions


You will need to be more patient as you struggle in your profession. As for love life, you will enjoy the intimacy with your partner. In relationships, you are likely to be more accommodating. You may also develop a better rapport with your children. Besides, you may turn more fashion conscious. In financial matters, you should act with wisdom. For your personalised prospects for the week, Talk to an Astrologer.

Career And Business

You will feel tired and weary on the job front. It may seem that you are pushing a heavy cart uphill. Superiors will have difference of opinion with you but your colleagues will be helpful and cooperative. If you stay persistent, you will pass the test with flying colours. You will be badly busy during this phase. If you are planning to expand your business, the process is likely to be slow. You may have to take difficult decisions to make your business grow. At the same time, it is a good phase to look for new business associates. If you have a specific query regarding your business, you could greatly benefit from our personalised service Business Ask A Question.

Love And Sex

You will be in a mood to open your heart to your loved one. You should meet your partner and tell him/her about your feelings. Your sex drive will get fuelled and you will enjoy the intimacy with your partner. During a social or cultural event or in a business meeting, you are likely to meet someone with whom you will want to develop a relationship. To gain more insights about yourself on this front, get our Birth Chart-based service Your Passion Personality.

Relationships And Compatibility

You may enjoy romantic experiences and other accomplishments in your relationship. You will want to meet people who can offer you a different way of thinking. You may feel a surge of both positive and negative emotions. It is a good time to amuse yourself and revitalise your feelings. If there is a problem on this front which is troubling you, avail our customised service Love Ask A Question.

Marriage And Children

This phase is conducive to bring in happiness, love and warmth in your conjugal life. But you will struggle to spend quality time with your family members. You will want to break the boring, predictable routine and bring more enthusiasm to your life. You are likely to develop a better rapport with your children. However, health of your elderly family members may remain a cause for concern. If you wish to know more about your child's future prospects, avail our Natal Chart-based service Your Child’s Astrology Profile.

Personal And Confidential

You shall stay more open to the people who are very different for you. You may also become preoccupied with the issues related to fashion. You will value your personal image very high and be concerned about social relationships. But you are advised to keep your emotions under control and not get over excited about new developments. You will want to get closer to someone whom you do not know much. To gain more insights about your personality, avail our Birth Chart-based service Personal Ask 3 questions.

Wealth And Property-Finance

You should stay away from deals and contracts that create additional financial commitments. Certainly, it is a good time to go for long-term investments. You are likely to spend more on things that will give you a sense of comfort and social status. You should avoid risky speculations and stay more alert about liabilities before making fresh investments. For a detailed astrological analysis of your financial prospects, get our customised service Wealth Ask a Question Detailed.

With Ganesha's Grace,

Tanmay K. Thakar

The Team