Your Cosmic Calendar For The Week 11th March to 17th March 2018


Western Tropical Planetary Positions


You may face difficult challenges in your career. As for love life, you will be more understanding towards your partner. In other relationships too, you will want to remove any misunderstandings. Besides, you may get more concerned about your children. You will take an upper hand, in your personal life. Also, it’s a good time to try speculative financial instruments with mid to long-term horizon. To find out more about all aspects of your life during this phase Talk to an Astrologer.

Career And Business

You will strongly desire to bring about better career prospects. Stiff competition and hectic schedule are likely to exhaust you. You will need to be focused and not get frustrated. You should channelise your energy towards a reason and try to expand your business. Besides, this is a good time for negotiations and make new deals. You may also restructure your business. You could greatly benefit from trying our personalised service Career Ask A Question based on your Birth Chart.

Love And Sex

You will be driven by very intense emotions. You will be more understanding towards your partner which may boost your love life. However, in certain situations, you may get impatient towards your partner, which may make the situation bad. A colleague of yours may try to resolve problems in your love life. You may witness intense physical attraction. However, you may hesitate to express your desires. Get deeper insights about your prospects on this front during this week through our personalised service Your Romantic Personality.

Relationships And Compatibility

You will think a lot and may get very emotional. You will take a deeper look at one of your important relationship, which may make you act and remove your earlier misunderstandings. You may also revitalise your existing relationships and make them stronger. But, you will need to avoid being harsh and aggressive in order to spoil your relationships. Get personalized predictions on this aspect through our service Relationships Ask a Question Detailed.

Marriage And Children

YYou will get very sensitive and you won’t be able to act on practical matters. You may feel insecure and witness problems in your married life. You will get impatient towards your children and stay concerned about them due to an unknown fear. At the same time, you may resolve problems with the elder members of your family. Our customised service Marriage Ask a Question Detailed can help you induce some spice into your conjugal relationship.

Personal And Confidential

You will feel full of emotions and may fight hard to get the upper hand. But do not neglect your responsibilities and face the reality bravely. During this week, you may want to undertake a small trip. You may also need mental challenges. Get a better perspective about your personal life based on your Natal Chart -- try our customised service Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice.

Wealth And Property-Finance

You may book profits from old investments. Hasty financial decisions may cause you harm. You should not spend money for needs which are totally emotional. Besides, it’s a good time to invest in speculative instruments with medium term to long-term view. Set your goals wisely by seeking the guidance from our personalised service Wealth Ask 3 Question, based on your Natal Chart.

With Ganesha's Grace,

Tanmay K. Thakar

The Team