Couple interrogated at airport after pet cat snuck into their luggage

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Nick and Voirrey Coole were shocked to discover their cat had snuck into their luggage (Caters)

A couple who planned a getaway to New York saw their holiday nearly ruined by their pet cat - who didn’t want them to go without her.

Nick and Voirrey Coole, were travelling from the Isle of Man to the US to celebrate Nick's 40th birthday when they were delayed at security.

Their bag was pulled to one side for additional checking and the couple had no idea what they might have left inside that set off an alarm.

It turns out that their pet cat Candy was to blame, after she snuck into their hand luggage before they set off to the airport.

Cand is apparently a big fan of getting into bags or boxes (Caters)

Nick, 40, said: "We have three cats and one of them, Candy, loves to get into bags or boxes.

"Our hand luggage didn't have much in it because we wanted to bring shopping home, but Candy had other ideas.

"She must have snuck into the bag before we left for the airport, but we didn't hear or feel her at all on the journey there.”

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After security pulled the bag aside and questioned the couple to see if the bag was theirs, they discovered that Candy had managed to sneak in without their knowledge - and Nick and Voirrey were left wondering what would happen to them.

Thankfully, the couple were not prosecuted for the unexpected passenger and still made their flight on time as Voirrey's father, Barry, rushed to the airport to pick up the kitty.

Nick added: “She [Candy] is now back at home being looked after while we enjoy our trip.”

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