How Courtney Phillips, One of Australia’s Top Rated Female Mindset & Empowerment Coaches, is Helping Women Live Their Best Life

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Courtney Louise Phillips (@CourtneyLouisePhillips) is both the Owner & Founder of Mind & Body Fitness & Head Coach at Courtney Louise Phillips Coaching, located in Launceston, Tasmania. Courtney is a Wife, Mother of 4, and is a certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, and Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time-Line Therapy ®, and Hypnosis. With a proven track record, Courtney is recognized in the Top 1% of all mindset and empowerment coaches throughout Australia.

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Over the last 8 years, Courtney has passionately coached & guided thousands of women to successfully reach their full potential & live a life of empowerment by offering a unique & personalized approach to all of her clients which includes using the modalities and techniques that she is highly trained in.

Through being a Personal trainer and gym owner, Courtney noticed that there was a huge gap and disconnect in her clients when it came to the Mind and Body. Courtney has always been someone who has a passion and natural ability for helping others, so when she noticed this gap and need for something more, she decided that upskilling to become a Master Practitioner of NLP would help bridge this gap and assist her clients to move forward successfully in all areas of their life.

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Using NLP, Time-Line Therapy ®, and her other certifications, in addition to connecting through her own life lessons & past experiences, Courtney creates & provides an authentic, genuine & compassionate 1:1 coaching experience, in both mind & body, for all her clients.

Courtney specializes in her 6-week Breakthrough Program, which helps to remove negative emotions & negative beliefs that tend to hold a lot of women back in their life. She is also passionate about assisting her clients to embody radical responsibility, all of which leads to internal empowerment and forever change.

Courtney says “I know it sounds so cliche, but I honestly do have to pinch myself every day that this is my work. That I actually get paid to help women let go of what they need to in order to step into their own empowerment. I could not think of a more rewarding job if you can even call it that.”