COVID-19: Anushka Sharma Bares Her Thoughts During the Lockdown

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In a heartfelt note posted on Twitter, actor Anushka Sharma shared some of her deeper thoughts that have come to her during the lockdown period that’s been on to contain the coronavirus spread. The picture carried with the note has Anushka, her husband Virat Kohli and their pet dog in it. Pointing that the deadly virus has a “silver lining” to it, Anushka says that the lockdown had in fact made her “more reflective” about everything she is blessed with. The message also says that she feels a surge of compassion for everyone whose life has been in some way affected by the pandemic.

Anushka Sharma’s musings during the lockdown due to the pandemic.
Anushka Sharma’s musings during the lockdown due to the pandemic.

At the beginning of the note, Anushka acknowledges that many people are in fact living through difficult times. The actor then states that confinement to home can give people a chance to deal with what they have been putting away. “This time has also made us realise what is truly important,” she says that the availability of food, water, shelter and good health for her family has made her head “bow in gratitude”. The actor adds that her prayers were with everyone who don’t have these necessities.

"“I just want to tell everyone how much compassion I feel for everyone who I see suffer. I want to help as many possible in the best of my abilities.”" - Actor Anushka Sharma on Twitter.

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The second half of her emotional tweet describes that by living through a pandemic, she has become more reflective about work-life balance and compassion. A sentence reads:“I feel pride in our resilience to be better human beings”. Anushka ends the note by saying that the subjective lessons one learns from this are likely to stay.

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