COVID-19: Everybody’s feeling helpless and I want to help, says Jennifer Haller, first to receive experimental vaccine

Despite the inherent risks associated with a clinical trial in general and the prevalent coronavirus in particular, Jennifer Haller decided to undergo the first human trial. "Everybody is feeling so helpless right now and I realised that there was something I could do to help," the 43-year-old commented in an inspiring video posted by Brut India.

She received her first vaccination at Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle, US which is running the trial led by study investigator Dr Lisa Jackson. As per Brut India, 45 people were expected to participate.

Dr Jackson remarked, "These are trials for a vaccine which has not been given to humans before. There are some inherent risks there. So, most of the trial volunteers are acting out of a sense of public good and wanting to help in the process."

While the vaccine which intends to replicate a protein found in the virus to generate an immune response was fast-tracked to a clinical trial, scientists are of the opinion that a vaccine for public use may still be 12-18 months away.