COVID-19 Positive Actress Ishika Borah Getting Suicidal Thoughts In Hospital!

Sumit Rajguru
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COVID-19 situation in India is worsening day by day. The country is reporting around 18 to 19 thousand cases per day despite having a strict lockdown in many areas. The deadly Coronavirus has affected many people including celebrities.

Ishika Borah, a four-time Debonair cover model, has tested positive for COVID-19. The actress who was also seen in Two Little Indians (2013), revealed that she has been forcefully taken to the government hospital in her hometown Nagaon in Assam. Ishika stays in Mumbai but had gone to her hometown for the lockdown. Recently, she posted shocking messages on Twitter regarding the facilities in the government hospital, where she has been kept under isolation.

Ishika Borah About Forcefully Taken To The Hospital

Ishika Borah in a tweet revealed that she has been forcefully taken to the hospital. She wrote, "I am Ishika Borah,Actress & model forcefully taken to govt hospital in noagoan,I live in Mumbai.I came to Assam to my home town.I had mild temperature Covid,but I could have quarantined at home for 14 days as per govt instructions."

Ishika Borah On Hospital Facilities

Ishika Borah revealed that government hospital where she has been quarantined, has very poor service. She wrote, "The hospital gives me cold water & food to have & take bath which is spoiling my health more.The service is poor quality,unhygienic hospital,mosquitos have effected my body badly.I exercises at home,eat healthy diet. For this minortemperature,I could have taken care of myself more better way with organic medicines,herbs,soups,vitamin c fruit etc.Dr. & Nurse Has never came to see us,so why they kept us here.I am knowledgeable about Covid-19 treatment cured by organic way Turmeric warm water."

Ishika Borah On Getting Suicidal Thoughts

Ishika Borah also revealed that she is getting suicidal thoughts in the hospital due to depression. She said, "I am knowledgeable about Covid 19 treatment cured by organic way Termeric warm water Vitamin C - cucumber & Tomatoes.Chawanvrash Asawagandha Giloy.This can heal & cure initial stage of Covid. Pls help me I am getting destressed & Suicidal tendencies becof of depression now." (sic)

Further Action

Ishika was reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 24 and has been undergoing treatment in the hospital ever since. After her revelation, the officials told the local newspaper that the matter would be looked into, to make the facilities better in the hospital.

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