COVID-19 relief: Generous Coimbatore cop donates a month's salary

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COVID-19 relief: Generous Coimbatore cop donates a month
COVID-19 relief: Generous Coimbatore cop donates a month

16 May 2021: COVID-19 relief: Generous Coimbatore cop donates a month's salary

As the second wave of COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the nation, many citizens are now coming forward to help those suffering.

In a similar act of kindness, a Grade-I constable from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, has donated his entire one-month salary for COVID-19 relief.

He reportedly made the decision after watching the plight of many families at the Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital.

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Details: He donated salary to Tamil Nadu CM relief fund

The police officer, S Babu, is a Grade-I constable with the Armed Reserve, Coimbatore District (Rural) Police.

Talking about his gesture, he said, "I noticed a lot of ambulances that were waiting at the hospital with COVID-19 patients, who were struggling without getting enough oxygen. So, I decided to donate my one-month salary to the Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund for COVID-19."

Information: Babu made a generous contribution last year as well

Babu donated his salary for COVID-19 relief last March, too. To recall, this was during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in India.

Apart from this, he separately raised over Rs. 1 lakh through a WhatsApp group called Udavum Karangal.

He donated this money to the parents of a 22-year-old emergency medical technician of the 108 ambulance service in Tiruppur who died of COVID-19.

Quote: 'Many don't know the value of people's lives'

Talking about how a visit to Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital affected him, Babu said, "Many don't know the value of people's lives and don't bother about others' health. People should work with the government to contain the virus spread."

"I thought my contribution would add a bit to the efforts taken by the government to improve the lives of people...," he said.

COVID-19: 3.11 lakh new COVID-19 cases, 2.07 crore have recovered

On Sunday, India reported 3.11 lakh new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, pushing the nationwide tally to over 2.46 crore; 4,077 fatalities were reported in the same period.

However, due to lack of testing, many experts earlier argued the actual number of infections and fatalities could be five to 10 times higher.

Meanwhile, the total number of recoveries climbed to 2.07 crore.

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