COVID-19: Travelling by flight in India? The seat next to you should be vacant; check new guidelines

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Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in India: Travelling by flight in the country? Take note of these new guidelines! Airlines and airports have been asked to follow social distancing protocol! India under Coronavirus lockdown is emphasizing on social distancing practices. Apart from commoners practising social distancing, the concept will be applicable in flights and at airports as well. While it has been announced that all domestic flights will be suspended from March 24 midnight, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation on Monday has ordered some measures that all airlines and airports have to adhere to. Sample this – airlines have to leave a seat vacant between two passengers. Similarly, at check-in counters, a distance of at least 1 metres has to be maintained between passengers. We have listed out how the domestic airlines and airports will be working to maintain distance between passengers.

Coronavirus preventive measures for Airlines

  • Boarding is expected to be done in such a manner that people entering the flights have some distance among them and they do not enter the same time.
  • There should be space between boarding lines as well.
  • At the checkin counter, there should be a distance of 1m among passengers.
  • DGCA has requested airlines to have enough staff that can guide the passengers.
  • Seat allocation is to be done in a way that there is at least one seat vacant between two passengers.
  • Cabin crew is also asked to maintain a minimum distance while serving the passengers.
  • Staff and passengers will be provided with sanitizers while entering the plane.
  • DGCA believes any other measure that can ensure social distancing can be taken.

Coronavirus preventive measures for Airports

  • DGCA has asked that there should be enough check-in counters as well as security checks that there is no congestion.
  • While waiting, passengers should be sitting at some distance from one another.
  • There will be frequent announcements regarding the use of sanitizers and they will be provided at prominent locations within the airport.
  • There should be enough staff to guide the passengers and keep a check on social distancing.

Meanwhile, Indian airlines have minimised their operations within the country in the wake of the novel Coronavirus outbreak. One of the biggest international airports in India, Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi saw its traffic reduced 50 per cent in the last 20 days.