Covid 19: United Kingdom Registered 36,000 Fresh COVID Cases In 24 Hours; WHO In Touch With UK Officials

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WHO is in contact with British officials over a new COVID virus variant, as per a report in Reuters. It has suggested people to stay on their guard. Several European countries have imposed travel restrictions in place to and from UK because of the new strain. 

WHO said, “We are in close contact with UK officials. They will continue to share information and results of their analysis and ongoing research. We will update the public and member states as we learn more, and have a clearer picture of the characteristics of this variant.” It further said, “In the meantime, we advise people to take all protective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and comply with national authorities’ guidance.”

UK saw a record surge of almost 36,000 cases in 24 hours. Last week it was half the number. The frequency is going up. There have also been over 300 fresh deaths. UK has over 20 lakh cases and over 67,000 have died. Worldwide, the tally of Covid affected is 7.71 crore with nearly 17 lakh deaths.