How COVID-19 Woke Us Up to the Need for Sanitization Technology

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Before 2020, many of us thought very little about sanitization. Then COVID-19 struck, and suddenly the sanitization industry was thrust to the forefront. Families, businesses, and schools scrambled to understand best practices and ideal products for proper disinfecting to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

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To capitalize on surging demand, many existing companies made the jump to mass producing commercial sanitization products like alcohol-based hand sanitizers. But this approach is just more of what we’ve always done—using chemicals that have somehow been deemed “safe,” like chlorine, in our everyday lives. Clearly, these aren’t working to protect our population from lethal viruses and are exposing our families to toxic ingredients. What we need is something groundbreaking to better address current and future threats.

A decade before COVID-19, Aphex BioCleanse Systems created an environmentally friendly, non-toxic sanitizer—Hy-IQ Water—that utilizes physics and hydrogen-based technology to kill a wide variety of pathogens, germs, and bugs. Its unique method of action relies on hydrogen atoms moving at nearly the speed of light to breach cell walls to destroy these health threats.

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Aphex offers sanitization products using its Hy-IQ Water technology that can be utilized in a variety of industries such as medicine/healthcare, food and produce, pet care, skincare, agriculture, hospitality, and several others. With this vast spectrum of uses, Hy-IQ Water is capable of replacing harsh cleaners in homes, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, and businesses. Because they don't rely on alcohol, toxic chemicals, or poisons, sanitization products featuring Hy-IQ Water aren’t harmful to consume and don’t irritate the skin, making this technology a smart choice for often touched surfaces, especially those regularly used by children.

The need for increased sanitizer supply is undeniable during this time of crisis, but we must also consider the quality of its source. Unlike companies that are just now jumping into the sanitization industry, those like Aphex that have a decade of experience or more are much better positioned to meet demand with quality and effective disinfectants, as well as for long term growth as the market continues to increase.

The responsible shift from traditional to innovative is often a costly one, dissuading progress. However, Hy-IQ Water technology carries comparable costs to manufacture as existing disinfectant products, so it demands no additional charge to move away from using popular chemical-based sanitizing products. With fewer ingredients to source, HY-IQ’s water-based formulas may even reduce manufacturing costs over alcohol-based products, encouraging adoption of this new technology.

Like nearly every aspect of our lives, COVID-19 has upheaved the investment landscape, pushing many investment strategies off balance. To offset this uncertainty, smart investors have and continue to include sanitization stocks like Aphex BioCleanse Systems in their portfolio, which makes sense in the short term while COVID-19 remains a large part of our reality. However, experts agree that demand for sanitization is unlikely to diminish, making innovative sanitization technology an enduring long term investment.

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