Covid lockup for older people? Who will care for the children?

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<span>Photograph: Cat Simpson/Alamy Stock Photo</span>
Photograph: Cat Simpson/Alamy Stock Photo

I think locking up the older people is a terrific idea to save the younger generation from giving up their freedom to work and socialise (Tory rebels fire warning shot as 42 MPs vote against stricter Covid measures, 13 October). As a kinship carer, a grandma bringing up two grandchildren aged eight and 13, I welcome this wholeheartedly. So if you could arrange to get the children to and from their schools (one hour round trip twice daily) and pick up the shopping as needed, pop the youngest to ballet twice a week, take and retrieve them from Cubs, Scouts and after-school homework club weekly, stand for two hours on a Saturday morning on a cold, wet, muddy field so the eldest can play football, and on Sunday sit for two hours while the youngest plays online skating hockey, then I will unselfishly stay at home. PS Am I still allowed to walk the dog twice a day?
Wendy Turner
Hailsham, East Sussex

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