Cow Urine, Ayurveda and Sesame Oil: How Indian Health Authorities Asked Us to Counter Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak death toll has reached 361 in China, with three confirmed cases in Kerala.

The Kerala government on Monday declared the novel coronavirus epidemic as a “state calamity” after a third student tested positive for the infection in the state, and assured that all necessary steps to ensure that the outbreak is effectively controlled.

The disease was first identified in Wuhan in China in December. Known for its contagious nature has been rapidly spreading, with several other countries reporting their first confirmed cases. As the disease crossed borders and made its way to India, several health authorities and people in positions of power gave us advice on how we could counter the diseases.

It started with the Ministry of AYUSH, which covers Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Homoeopathy.

The ministry’s notification, which sparked criticism on social media for spreading “misinformation”, comes with a disclaimer, stating that it does not claim to be treatment guidance for the coronavirus infection.

The ayurveda advice includes drinking "Shadang Paniya (Musta, Parpat, Usheer, Chandan,Udeechya & Nagar) processed water (10 gm powder boiled in 1 litre water, until it reduces to half)", and taking "Agastya Harityaki 5 gm, twice a day with warm water", "Samshamani Vati 500 mg twice a day", "Trikatu (Pippali, Marich & Shunthi) powder 5 gm and Tulasi 3-5 leaves (boiled in 1 litre water, until it reduces to ½ litre…)”, and "Pratimarsa Nasya: Instill two drops of Anu taila/Sesame oil in each nostril daily in the morning."

The Ministry of AYUSH wasn't the only one who found an Ayurveda solution. A doctor of Ayuverda and Siddha from Tamil Nadu, claimed to have found a 'cure' to the virus.

The doctor, Dr Thanikasalam Veni who is currently practicing at Rathna Siddha Hospital in Chennai, and has 25 years of experience in the field of Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines.

In an interview to ANI, he says that he has formulated a medicine made from an extract of herbs, which can cure "any type of viral fever."

One of the symptoms of coronavirus is high fever. The doctor also claimed that the medicine could treat the infections caused by the corona virus within 24 hours to 40 hours.

"When we treated the dengue virus with our medicine, many patients with reduced platelets count, acute liver failure, immunity deficiency and low white blood cell (WBC) were cured within 24-40 hours," said Veni. "In coronavirus too I am confident our medicine will be very effective," he added.

Following these, the Hindu Mahasabha has also come out with a bizzare treatment for the disease: cow urine and cow dung.

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, president of Hindu Mahasabha, said cow urine and cow dung can be used for treating novel coronavirus disease. He also said that a special yagna will be performed to "kill the novel coronavirus and end its effects on the world."

"Consuming cow urine and cow dung will stop the effect of infectious coronavirus. A person who chants Om Namah Shivay and applies cow dung on body, will be saved. A special yagna ritual will soon be performed to kill coronavirus," said Chakrapani.

While there have been no reported deaths in India yet, there have been three confirmed cases so far - all in Kerala.