Craving for authentic French baguettes? Head to Suzette’s very first Bakery in Mumbai

After a super successful run of their prominent Suzette and Kitchen Garden by Suzette eateries, with multiple outlets across the city, head baker-chef duo and founders, Jeremie Sabbagh and Antonia Achache and their partner Pierre Labail will soon be launching the very first Suzette Bakery in Mumbai, as September draws to a close.

Since its inception, Suzette - the creperie - cafe has abided by the principles of eating organic, homemade, fresh food, and this school of thought extends to the newly launched Suzette Bakery too.

Nestled in the heart of Bandra, the 300 sq. ft. Suzette Bakery, with a modern, Parisian vibe, boasts of artisanal, handcrafted breads and pastries, made with wholesome, all-natural and best quality ingredients. The bakery offers an extensive selection of hearty bread loaves, baguettes, French pastries, savory delights and a range of teas and coffees to accompany your dish.

Speaking about the brand, partners, Jeremie, Antonia and Pierre said, “When we developed the Kitchen Garden menu, Sourdough Breads became an instant favourite among the diners. They take over 30 hours to bake which is testimony to our passion and commitment to good baking. From this stemmed our thought of offering a larger selection of breads. The idea was to expand to something bigger and better, which is how the addition of authentic French pastries came about. Ideally, we wanted to design a traditional French bakery with a contemporary twist.”

To transform the Suzette Bakery dream to reality, both Antonia and Jeremie trained at the Paris Bakery & Pastry School five years ago, while Jeremie even interned at some of the best bakeries in Paris, including one that was awarded the Best Baguette of Paris. Such is their love for homegrown produce and offering a homely and authentic experience to their patrons, that the duo designs everything from scratch, be it the interiors, the menu, or the final dish served.

The plush interiors of Suzette Bakery too like that of Suzette and Kitchen Garden, have been designed by Antonia, while the menu has been developed by both. Suzette Bakery’s menu is the product of many months of conceptualizing and multiple trials amidst friends and family.

The menu comprises of the patron-favourite sourdough breads, French pastries like Meringue Lemon Pie, Chocolate Tart, and freshly assembled Mille-feuille, wholegrain bread sandwiches stuffed with fresh vegetables and meats, and a delectable range of Viennoiseries including the Puff Brioche and the Raisins and Custard Puff Roll. Apart from organic ingredients, chefs at Suzette also try to keep it all-natural by avoiding the use of food colouring and processed ingredients, ensuring that you eat clean.

“When one thinks of a bakery, one imagines an on-the-go place for breads. Our idea was to go beyond that and give diners a spot to manage a quick business meeting, or enjoy extended conversations with friends over coffee, croissants and more.” shares head baker, Jeremie Sabbagh.

“We’ve drawn influences from Parisian bakeries designing an environment that feels like you’ve been transported to a spot somewhere in the by-lanes of Paris.” says head baker and designer, Antonia Achache.

Suzette Bakery opened its doors to the public on Sunday, 22nd September 2019.

The bakers’ must-try recommendations:

- Signature sourdough loaves: the original one from Kitchen Garden and its 2 new variations: Rye & walnuts / Energy (Emmer wheat, almonds, raisins, flax, sunflower, oats, pumpkin, chia seeds: 100% organic ingredients, packed with nuts & seeds, extremely nutritious and healthy)

- 100% wholegrain organic sourdough loaves: contains only whole grains flours, extremely nutritious and healthy, 100% organic

- Sourdough artisan baguette: (most famous French bread) We will bake it 3 times a day at fixed timings so people can come and buy it just out of the oven (as the baguette is best when just baked)

- Puff brioche: marriage of a croissant and a brioche: flaky, buttery, airy, heavenly!

- Paris-Brest: classic of French pastry: Choux filled with hazelnut & almond praliné butter cream, topped with roasted hazelnuts. Creamy, airy and crunchy at the same time

- Religieuse chocolat: another classic of French pastry (for chocolate lovers): choux flavoured with cacao filled with an intense dark chocolate custard

- Mille-feuilles: means “thousand layers”: super flaky and crispy strips of puff pastry, stacked on top of each other and filled with a fluffy vanilla pastry cream (custard). This will be assembled at the time of serving to preserve its crispiness

- Vegan burger: our vegan interpretation of a real burger: vegan brioche bun, vegan patty made with more than 10 ingredients, vegan tofu mayonnaise, vegan cheese

Address: Suzette Bakery Gaspard Enclave - Shop 10 St John Rd, Next to Kitchen Garden Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Monday to Sunday: 8.30am to 11pm

Delivery options: The entire menu except “Traditional French pastries” section will be available for delivery on both Swiggy & Scootsy. “Traditional French pastries” will be available for take-away only

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