Craving for momos? Here's how you can make it at home

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Photo by Dino Uniyal from Pexels
Photo by Dino Uniyal from Pexels

Are you missing eating momos off the street or at theatres? Well, this recipe will help you with your cravings, and fear not, it’s simple and easy to make at home.

For the filling:

Veg momo - Take one cabbage, two carrots and one onion. Clean them all, add 1 tsp of salt. Turn to a cloth and keep a bowl underneath. After 5 minutes, the veggies left a lot of water; squeeze this water using the fabric. Do not squeeze out too much water, because your momos cannot be too dry or watery. Move to a dry bowl, grate 2 inches of ginger. Add 1⁄2 tsp black pepper, 2 tsp oil and combine well.

Chicken momo - Take 150 g of minced chicken in a bowl and add two tablespoons of finely chopped scallions or green onion, one tablespoon of cilantro stems, one thinly sliced green pepper and one tsp of white pepper powder. Mix well. Then add some soy sauce, one teaspoon of garlic and one tsp of chopped ginger for a juicy, delicious homemade Momo stuffing. Incorporate well with the ingredients. Cook the mixture in low flame till the chicken turns ready to be eaten. Let it cool before using the same as Momo stuffing.

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How to cook:

You now make small, soft dough balls. Wrap them in a thin sheet and cut as many rings out of the layer as possible using a cutter. Put the stuffing in the middle and start shaping it as you want. It needs to look like a bishop’s cap. Make the whole container of dough and heat in the steam vessel.


Tomatoes, red chillies, garlic, and black pepper are just some of the chutney ingredients. The most crucial step is the steamer to make the pulp. The chutneys are then served hot when they are finished. The recipe calls for 1-1/2 cups of water.

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Some friendly tips:

Add 1 tsp of vinegar to the dough and knead correctly to match protein or gluten.

De-seed dry red chillies to mitigate the heat.

If you like nutty, add crushed peanuts to your Momo chutney.

When cooking dumplings, cover your dough.

The dough shouldn't dry too much.

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