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Aamir Khan’s bat

One of the biggest blockbusters of 2001, Lagaan took Aamir Khan to new heights of success and recognition. But don't be a fool to think it was only Mr. Perfectionist who found renewed fame from the movie, his bat gave him an equal competition. When the cricket bat that hit the winning sixer in the movie was signed by the star and put up for an auction – it fetched an easy ₹ 1,56,000

Crazy Bollywood auctions - because if stars are selling it, we are totally buying it!

The obsession with cinema knows no limits, it is infinite; growing by the hour, expanding itself on the minds of cine goers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Gandhinagar to Itanagar.

Foreign business tycoons call out India as a poor state, but what do they know anyway? If only they had a hint of the crazy money Indian fans agree to part with, just so they could have a part of the image on screen they are so deeply love.

But wait, how much at all do you guys know of this Bollywood fixation we commonly share?  Here are 12 unbelievable costs fans of Bollywood bore to get their hands on things that had once touched their favorite stars.