Creating art is not just a profession, it is a passion – Peter Shoukry

Peter Shoukry

Excelling in the field of art today is all about exuding limitless passion and boundless creativity. There is no place for half-hearted art as a swarm of obsessively passionate individuals have taken the world of art by storm, redefining the entire era. They are giving their mind, body, and soul to their art, creating pieces of sheer brilliance. One such person who has created large ripples around is accomplished artist, and dynamic international model – Peter Shoukry.

Shoukry is a highly sought-after model who has walked the ramp for some of the biggest brands, including Hugo Boss, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Euphora International, Calvin Klien, and William Lei. He has done over fifty runway shows and has been featured multiple times on the GQ Magazine. IFSM honored Peter Shoukry with the Most Versatile Super Model Award. Peter shares, “Modeling is my passion, but being a person of color wasn’t easy. But I did not give up!” Apart from being a highly acclaimed model, he is also a vivacious and talented artist.

Peter Shoukry had always been a sensitive child with an artistic outlook. He fell in love with art and animation right from his childhood days. It was during the freshman year that he took art as an elective subject, and it was a life-changing experience for him. He discovered his immense talent and went on to create brilliant pieces of art, which have been received well from all quarters. Peter Shoukry has had several solo exhibitions across the nation as well as gallery exhibitions in notable places like the Museum of Contemporary Art. His paintings find a way to the walls of top international collectors.

With artists like Peter Shoukry using their passion and talent to carve out a successful career, this is a win for all dreamers out there. It’s a lesson for today’s millennial generation to embrace new art forms and talents with open arms, proving that no dream is small enough to give up. It might seem impossible today, but remember, we only grow as big as we aspire!


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