Creating music video for 'Dancing with the Devil' was 'not the easiest': Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

Washington [US], April 5 (ANI): American pop star Demi Lovato has opened about her struggles with creating the music video for her most-anticipated project 'Dancing with the Devil'.

Providing insights into her near-fatal overdose from the year 2018, Demi on Sunday (local time) revealed on social media that it was a challenge to film her new music video 'Dancing with the Devil'.

Fox News reported that the 28-year-old singer disclosed the challenges she faced in a Twitter post that showed a clip of the video, which recreated moments from her near-fatal drug overdose in 2018.

"Creating the music video for #DancingWithTheDevil was not the easiest shoot I've ever done. I create my art to heal, and to inspire others. I'm here today and I'm happy you are too," she tweeted.

The video shows the songstress sporting a green jacket that is similar to what she reportedly wore the night of her overdose. The clip also brings a scene into the light where Demi is seen lying in a hospital bed with a nasal tube.

"I was dancing with the devil, out of control / Almost made it to heaven / It was closer than you know, Playing with the enemy, gambling with my soul / It's so hard to say no / When you're dancing with the devil," the 'Camp Rock' star emotionally sang in her video.

She posted the same tweet content on her Instagram handle which received more than four million views and 1 million likes on the photo-sharing platform. Scores of fans chimed into the comments section commending the two-time Grammy nominee for her openness.

"Wow Demi! Thank you for letting us in," model and TV presenter Ashley Graham wrote.

"This was the hardest music video I think I've ever had to watch," one fan wrote. "But the message is so important."

Apart from her music video, the songstress had been always vocal about her near-fatal overdose event in several interviews, according to Fox News.

The pop singer walked down the memory lane and shared the moments she experienced before that tragic incident in a YouTube Originals docu-series titled 'Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil', which debuted on March 23.

"I'm surprised that I didn't OD that night... I ended up at a party and ran into my old drug dealer from six years before. That night I did drugs I had never done before. I'm really lucky to be alive," Demi said in an interview. (ANI)